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Photos of Alie McPherson, Satsumo Motors and Stefan Neville's show

Alie McPherson
Alie M
Star wheel,                                                  Samoyed,                                                       Star 1
Alie McPherson
 Acrylic on Board
Alie M
Space Jar,                                                Star 2,                                             Pigeon in Jar
Alie McPherson
Acrylic on Board
Alie M
Dalmatian,                                                 Star 3,                                               Colour Star
Alie McPherson
Acrylic on Board
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Stefan Neville, Alie McPherson, Satsuma Motors - Opening night

Comics review

Adrian Kinnard over at his excellent From Earths End blog has done a review of new New Zealand comics which includes Tim Danko's alluring little screen printed comic Vigl in the Sup-Ho series and Tim Molloy's latest surreal masterpiece Saturn Returns. Read it here:

Bill Orcutt w/ Brian & Maryrose Crook at The High Seas

Bill Orcutt emerged as one of the most influential guitar players of the 1990s, alongside drummer Adris Hoyos in the seminal Miami-based free rock band, Harry Pussy, their half-decade existence throwing up a boutique of caustic masterpieces alongside equally luminary cohorts on labels including Chocolate Monk (Richard Youngs, Incapacitants, Bruce Russell) and Siltbreeze (Charalambides, Guided By Voices, The Shadow Ring), but their volatile, calamitous sound has remained their matchless own.
Harry Pussy’s sonic wit, spat forth in vignette-like rashes such as ‘Please Don’t Come Back From The Moon’, ‘Nazi USA’ and ‘I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore’ spoke of a generational disenchantment that heavily influenced the likes of later acolytes, Hair Police, Pukers, Sightings, The Hospitals and the younger alumni on Philadelphia’s fabled Siltbreeze label. In one critic’s words, Harry Pussy ‘filtered the Circle Jerks' brutal attack through Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch and condensed it into a narrow, high-pitched assault’, and in another’s, ‘pretty much established a whole new blueprint for post-hardcore avant rock destruction.’
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Stefan Neville - Alie McPherson - Satsuma Motors

Opening Friday the 7th of May
Stefan Neville - Alie McPherson - Satsumo Motors

-Stefan Neville.
Dog barks at something outside the house and it sets off the dog
down the road which sets off the dog on the next street. A dog passing on the back of a ute hears the last one and is still barking at the edge of town where the dog at the radio station replies and is transmitted to a boat in Tonga setting off their dog. A dog surfing past hears that and carries on to South America barking her head off the whole way. This goes on all the way round the world. Captured here by screenprints on atlas pages.
A new book "Around the world in 80 dogs" illustrating this will also be available.
-Alie McPherson
Elephant and buck teeth, white on black star shapes, dog, jar with bird, jar with star ball, fish, space jar with sea ship, star shape balls x 6 and more small paintings on board.

-Satsuma Motors.
Top Satsuma designers combine love of joyful childs plastic figure and the Hard Men of Rugby Leago tribute. Thrill to multiple plaster knock-off of original joyful childs plastic figure... Shiver at thought of Hard Man vice-like crushing grip. Lawsuit impossible and shameful. Bright colours to fascinate!
Witness to plaster reliefs featuring example Les Boyd, Kurt Sorensen, Jim Mills, and many other Hard Men of Rugby Leago. Presented by Satsuma Motors.
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